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Conference - Keynote speeches

1.5 hours - we can extend or shorten to adapt to your needs

 We deliver inspiring, lively and motivating keynote speeches in your organization or as part of a larger event


- Conscious Leadership
- Leadership Transformation
- Agile Leadership
- Employee Well-Being
- Amazing Customer Experience

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1. Leadership transformation workshop

2 days - in workplace or offsite  

The consciousness of an organization is a direct reflection of the level of consciousness of its leaders.

A conscious organization performs at a higher level, engaging its employees and amazing its customers.

To be authentic and meaningful, the transformation of an organization needs to start with the transformation of its leaders.

Leadership transformation involves changes at the deepest level of beliefs and values. It results in a fundamental shift in personal, corporate behaviors and organizational systems. Transformation occurs when we are able to learn from our mistakes and are open to a new future disconnected from the past.

Who is this Training for?

- Leaders who have a strong desire to pursue their leadership transformation journey;
- Leaders who want to increase their leadership agility and fulfill their full potential;
- Leaders who want to transform their organization to a level of performance that is unimaginable;
- Leaders who want to achieve amazing results;
- Leaders who want to have a positive impact in their community and society;
- HR professionals who are committed to help the leaders in their organization transform and rise to their full potential;
Business Owners who want to transform themselves and their organization.


-    Higher performance: individual and organizational
-    Team cohesion
-    Leadership agility
-    Higher employee engagement
-    Improve customer loyalty
-    Powerful vision and values

The workshop will cover the following topics:

Leadership transformation, Personal mastery, Genuine listening, Authentic self, Emotional intelligence, Compassion, Gratitude, Intention, Attention, Forgiveness, Appreciative Inquiry, Mindfulness, Leadership purpose.

Workshop format will include keynotes presentations, exercises and group sharing.

2. Wellbeing program for employees

Short version 4 hours
Full reboot: 1 day

The goal of this workshop is to show your employees that you care about their well-being. By mobilizing and inspiring your employees, you will achieve better performance in your organization. A wellbeing workshop will refresh the energy of your employees allowing them to perform at their highest potential.

Designed as an interactive workshop format includes dynamic exercises that will promote a deeper understanding of the topics covered. This workshop will include practical exercises on mindfulness, emotional intelligence and the science of happiness.


-    Create a culture of performance and well being
-    Improve collaboration and team cohesion
-    Energize the workplace
-    Improve employee engagement and enablement  
-    Make a shift from “I” to “WE”

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Private Coaching

A transformation over 6 months  •  Session between 60 to 90 minutes

A private one-on-one coaching session is a powerful and focused experience that will support you to rise into your full potential and step into your leadership greatness. Our coaching provides a guidance to help you better understand yourself.

Your coach will also design a custom-made coaching program for you, on the coaching topic of your choice.

For example, this coaching program will help you improve:

-    Leadership skills
-    Communication skills
-    Enhance your relationships
-    Become more strategic
-    Clarify your personal mission
-    Focus on goal setting/action planning
-    Build your self-confidence
-    Learn how to become the best version of yourself

The benefits to you and your staff:

-    Staff retention
-    Greater fulfillment
-    Authenticity in the workplace
-    Improved group dialogue
-    Collective consensus about mission, vision, and goals

Transformation is a personal journey. Personal transformation is taking responsibility for your own choices. The real transformation starts with ourselves, finding our truth, power, unicity, strengths and weaknesses.