MARCH 15tH, 2018


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From Training to Transforming Leaders: 

The Path to Conscious Leadership

The current level of development of our leaders is no longer adequate for dealing with today’s complex business reality. More than ever, in order to lead effectively, we need to think and act from a more conscious perspective.  However, becoming more conscious and effective is not a result of only learning new skills and competencies, but also depends on our capacity to make fundamental shifts in how we think.  Basically, we need to GROW UP and WAKE UP in order to SHOW UP in new ways.  To do so, we need three main ingredients: a developmental model, a transformational methodology and a robust leadership framework.  We will spend the day together exploring these frameworks.


✓ Explore leadership from a developmental model and assess yourself

✓  Experience a transformational framework including a step-by-step methodology that will guide you in becoming a more conscious leader

✓  Get introduce to the Leadership Circle as one of the most robust leadership frameworks we can use to develop conscious leaders

✓  Design and engage in a developmental practice to sustain your growth beyond the workshop


Gilles Brouillette

Co-founder and President of the Transformational Learning Institute, co-director of the Transformational/ Conscious Leadership Program at the Centre for Continuing Education of the University of Ottawa, a Senior Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach for the Full Circle Group & The Leadership Circle. Gilles has a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California and is Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University.  He has been studying and applying the principles of transformational learning for the last 25 years.



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The International Center for Conscious Leadership

is based in Montreal and was founded by Stephane Leblanc and Jeanne Rahilly. Its mission is to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the elevation of consciousness in business all over the world.