Most leaders and organizations focus on CHANGE. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not enough. Change is about doing things differently. Do what we do now, but do it in a more efficient, productive or quality-enhancing way.

With all the challenges facing organizations and society today, we need a complete change of leadership. We need TRANSFORMATION. Transformation involves a profound change in beliefs, values and assumptions.

The result is fundamental changes in personal and corporate behavior and in the systems and structure of the organization. Transformation occurs when we can learn from our mistakes, are open to a new future and can let go of the past.

The consciousness of an organization directly reflects the consciousness of the leaders. To be genuine and meaningful, the transformation of an organization must begin with the transformation of leaders.

This workshop will allow you to highlight your limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to transcend them to reach your full potential as a leader and live to your full potential.

Who is this workshop for?

- LEADERS who have a strong desire to pursue their leadership transformation journey;

- LEADERS who want to increase their leadership agility and fulfill their full potential;

- LEADERS who want to transform their organization to a level of performance that is unimaginable;

- LEADERS who want to achieve amazing results;

- LEADERS who want to have a positive impact in their community and society;

- HR professionals who are commited to help the leaders in their organization transform and rise to their full potential;

- BUSINESS OWNERS who want to transform themselves and their organization.

Benefits of this training

- Recognize your fears and limiting beliefs and learn how to surpass them

- Learn a technique to develop presence

- Raise your consciousness as a leader

- Share with other leaders and join the community of conscious leaders

- Develop your personal mastery to become your best self for the world


- Coffee breaks are included

- A pause of 60 minutes will be provided to allow you to have lunch


Fri, 1 Dec 2017, 9:00 PM –

Sat, 2 Dec 2017, 5:00 PM GMT


De Vere West One

61-65 Great Queen Street


United Kingdom